Our Team

Miriam Henderson

Miriam is the owner. 

Sean Tobin

Sean is the crew leader. 

Paul Lamm

Paul is the lead arborist. 



Meet the founder of Healthy Trees, Tom Henderson. After years of working as a city planner, he decided to pursue his life long passion for arboriculture and love of nature and started the company in 2003. 

Tom is a pillar in the Carson City community. While running Healthy Trees he also led walking tree tours showing off Carson City's oldest and most historic landmarks, he ran a fruit picking team called "The Fruit Barons" who harvested ripe fruit and donated it to shelters and families in need, and he was an active member in the Nevada Shade Tree Council.

In the beginning, he and his children were passing out fliers in their neighborhoods, now Healthy Trees is one of the areas leading tree companies proudly serving the community for more than 15 years! He retired in 2019 and his daughter Miriam now runs the company.

 Here's to you, Tom!