Healthy Trees is proud of our team. Our team brings expertise in arboriculture, forestry, electrical line clearance, tree risk assessment, defensible space, and aerial tree work.

Tom Wion /ISA Certified Arborist

Tom as been with the company now for 8 years. As a certified arborist (WE-9320A) and tree pruninglead climber, he leads the crew in daily logistics. His continued innovation in aerial logistics is a cornerstone of the company. With a background in small business management, his ambition for the company's success is always evident. Tom also enjoys ultra running, traveling, and skiing.

Tyler Seehuetter

Tyler Seehuetter has been climbing and working in trees for 7 years. He enjoys large technical removals, rigging, and operating heavy equipment. Tyler spends his freetime 4x4ing, camping with his family, and is an amateur Extreme Enduro motorcycle racer.

Esteban Carranza /Master Nursery Certified

Esteban came to our team from the nursery business and was Master Nursery Certified. Having spent his life caring for plants, he is now fulfilling his childhood dream of living among trees. Esteban is also a master of the skateboard.

Jordan Harvey

Jordan joined our team in September 2017. He helps us with mechanical challenges and spotting maintenance needs. Jordan is an avid motorcross sportsman.

Esteban Carranza

Carson City, Dayton, lake tahoe, carson valley

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