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tree pruning

Healthy Trees is proud of our team. Our current team brings expertise in arboriculture, forestry, electrical line clearance, tree risk assessment, defensible space, and aerial tree work.

We are here to keep your trees Healthy Trees.

Team Healthy Trees tree pruning
Thomas Henderson   Tom handles all of the estimating and office support for running the Healthy Trees ship. You can find him on stage with the Carson Chamber Singers and Consort Conzona (early music), where he sings bass. Tom is a Certified Tree Risk Assessor (CTRA 1561), ISA Certified Arborist tree pruning (WE-6729A) and is president and founder of Healthy Trees. He has lived in Carson City since 1980 but “grew up” in Raleigh, North Carolina. tree pruning
Tom Wion   Tom as been with the company now for 6 years. As a certified arborist (WE-9320A) and tree pruninglead climber, he leads the crew in daily logistics. His continued innovation in aerial logistics is a cornerstone of the company. With a background in small business management, his ambition for the company's success is always prevalent. Tom also enjoys ultra running, traveling, and skiing. tree pruning
John Patterson   John has been with the company now for three years and qualifies to take his Arborist exam. (We'll keep you posted on the outcome) At work he shows excellent knowledge and ambition with tree identification, customer service, and overall company logistics. When John isn't slinging the big saw, you can probably find him riding his dirt bike. tree pruning
Sean Tobin   Sean came to us from the Marine Corps two years ago. His eye for aesthetic pruning and athletic ability in climbing, makes him a valuable asset to the team. With one year to go, he is already studying for his Arborist exam. When Sean isn't at work, he enjoys skateboarding and spending time with his recently married wife. tree pruning
Blake Abston   Blake is the most recent addition to our team. He came to us in May 2015 with 2.5 years of experience as a tree climber. He now qualifies to take his Arborist exam. (We'll keep you posted on the outcome) His seamless transition into crew logistics quickly made him an asset to the team. When Blake isn't in the canopy he enjoys spending time with his son, wake boarding and 4-wheel driving. tree pruning



tree pruning